Christian dating sleeping together

Q: In recent conversations with both my guy and girl friends, there has been some debate about this question: is it right to spend the night in the same bed with a member of the opposite sex?

This would mean only sleeping, not engaging in sex.

We may not need it to survive, per se, but we definitely need it to thrive.

A hug, a pat on the back, a touch on the arm, a handshake… None of these things are bad things – but is experiencing them outside of marriage the best thing?

That’s not to say I always did this perfectly (especially in college, when it was so easy to be hanging out in someone’s room or apartment, whether that was in the next building, or just down the hall, until the wee hours of the morning).

A fancy hotel, getting carried over the threshold, putting my suitcase down next to his…they all have positive effects on our mental and emotional health. With all things, virtue is somewhere in the middle, with the vices being on either side.The excess of physical touch violates chastity: having sexual contact with someone who is not your spouse.No intention to arouse, no temptation to stir up desires.So, when it comes to living virtuously (which, it turns out, is the path to sainthood…), we need to recognize our legit needs for physical touch, without placing ourselves in tempting romantic situations – or using members of the opposite sex for cuddles without any romantic interest (which can lead people on and be incredibly hurtful).

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