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And some of them even reached out to me, when my profile said I didn’t like sports.Because a football game is filled with married men, boys, women, girls, even babies, so you have to filter that down to single age appropriate men, then find one you are attracted to.There is a lot of merit to things like The Five Love Languages, and research that suggests that perhaps Builders like other Builders, Explorers like to be with other Explorers, but that’s not enough.

If you aren’t getting people to sign up fast enough, why not just create the profiles for them?We have a link to remove your profile right on the FAQ, and when we remove it, it’s gone, and you can’t make another one with the same email address. Also, the highest level of interaction on Only AGlance is the opportunity to mark a connection as “we have met.” Because that’s what we’re here for, to help you meet, and stop using the site.All the dimensions, all the questions, all the % matching isn’t going to help you. Some of them make a great big deal out of it (e Harmony) while others actually suggest that they are connected to a deity (Christian Mingle – Find God’s match for you) while others have you answer a LOT of questions (OKCupid), still others have you take “tests” that really reveal some inner workings of your psyche that may be dangerous to publicly post to strangers (POF).If you write a message on a dating site, they immediately present you with other candidates that are similar to the lovely woman or handsome man you just wrote to.If I just tried to make a connection, why can’t I see where that goes first?

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