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The response was quick: Harrods pulled products off shelves, and the Rainforest Alliance conceded that its auditing process was severely flawed.

Employers in both the developing and developed worlds take advantage of these laborers' desperate need for money to pay for the basic needs of themselves and their families back home.Is it because we live under a global economic model that thrives on low wages — which can help to entrench poverty — and where international and Western markets hold tremendous power?After all, the margins made on every kilogram of Earl Grey Tea sold at Harrods are not made by Indians in Assam, but by large traders in the world’s urban centers many of which are in the West.The countries that performed best were all in Europe and North America.Like many studies from Western NGOs, it would appear that Walk Free’s findings shed light on wrongs done elsewhere, but avoid looking closer to home (such as the conditions of aboriginal Australians and the labor exploitation on Australian-owned mines in Africa).

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