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Battledore & Shuttlecock( or Jeu de Volantis ): is an outdoor game played since the earliest American Settlements.It is an ancestor to both modern badminton and table tennis.Our Spell and 17'' long bat are both made of native pine and are based on period artwork.For safety we have replaced the small hard Knurr (ball) of the original game with a small leather covered "lemon peel" style sewn ball.Games with a shuttlecock are believed to have originated in ancient Greece about 2000 years ago.The toys of the cup and ball family have been favorite childhood amusements for many centuries, unchanging in their basic form but marvelously various in the specific designs.Oh what fun, even if it meant sitting in the corner for awhile.Slate Chalk Boards and Chalk Boards have an unfinished wood frame around the chalk board (piece of slate or imitation slate).

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The spell is a small hard ball that was shot into the air when the Spell was hit with a stick or bat.

The 7" X10" is the most typical size used in school rooms.

Slate Chalk Boards have a piece of slate for the writing surface and therefore both sides are the same and can be used.

It is similar to, but much easier than the Bilboquet, which has the ball landing on a pointed stick instead of inside a cup. Play with others and see who can score the majority of points by catching the ball the most.

Do not let this toy fool you; it takes good hand dexterity to score.

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