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The relative position of other marks can then be observed.

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I'd like to translate it in french in order to use it on my club website (it would display your translated page inside a frame).I am very happy to live with this minor issue, but if you ever found yourself with nothing to do sometime ........!!! Best wishes, David Morrish Harry Marx 03/09/08 : I did the same thing, but derived formula myself. Normally the arrow is shot at 42 to 47 degrees with specialist bows?I have studied balistics but have no luck with the maths. helped me with science fair Apostolis 13/01/09 : Thank you all for your comments. I am shooting field ranges where uphill/downhill calculations depend on arrow speed. Sam S44 22/03/09 : Can you give us Yards and inches? In speed dating mannheim case of a 'house connection' it is usually assumed that the new tenant will want a ,annheim to cable and it is up to the tenant to inform the cable company otherwise. Neben den Party Events bietet das Zapatto an sieben Tagen in der Woche tagsüber und abends einen Cafeteria-Betrieb sowie eine exquisite internationale Küche.

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