Updating mx records in the dns

You have successfully set up your DNS for your domain.Warning: If you change DNS settings for a domain that was hosting email elsewhere, user email clients and devices must be reconfigured to point to Rackspace. If you would prefer a video tutorial with more information about DNS, see Rackspace Email - Domain Name System: Introduction & Setup. You also need access to update DNS entries for your domain.

Internet Address Physical Address Type172.30.0.5 00-30-48-82-72-8c dynamic172.30.0.100 00-15-5d-22-44-8d dynamic172.30.0.101 00-15-5d-72-7a-be dynamic A. Which of the following isthe MOST cost-effective solution?

SCPQUESTION NO: 29Two network switches need to be cabled together via copper cabling. Which of the following cabling will need to be used?

QUESTION NO: 34Which of the following can be used to set options such as TFTP server addresses, DNS searchlists, and broadcast addresses on network clients and workstations?

5 and 6QUESTION NO: 8Which of the following is a direct advantage of having wireless standards?

Increased number of protocols can be used QUESTION NO: 9Which of the following is a best practice when implementing a basic wireless network? Any Time." - Which of the following is the maximum distance that CAT5 cable can run before experiencing dbloss?

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