Workplan for updating job descriptions

We recommend that municipalities obtain independent legal or professional advice when they develop or evaluate their own planning or incentive-based programs.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this handbook, the ministry does not accept legal responsibility for the contents of the handbook or for any consequences, including direct or indirect liability, arising from its use.

Once a municipal council adopts its community improvement plan, notice of its decision must be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act (including notice to the ministry) and a 20-day appeal period commences.

At the end of the appeal period, if there is no appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, the community improvement plan comes into effect.

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It reflects the legislative changes to land use planning that came into effect in January 2007.Fiscal, economic, demographic and environmental pressures differ from south to north, region to region and municipality to municipality.Common to all Ontario municipalities is the need to build, reinforce or reshape themselves to meet global challenges and residents’ future needs in a sustainable community that delivers a high quality of life.It had become an almost forgotten revitalization tool until growth pressures of the late 1990s led to interest in the development potential of brownfield sites.Publications such as the 2000 Brownfields Showcase I and Municipal Readiness for Economic Development helped increase awareness of how community improvement plans provide for the clean up of former industrial and commercial lands.

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